Timing Is Crucial In Your Wedding Catering Photography Session

After all of your efforts to find and hire the right wedding catering service and choose the best photographer, you want to make sure that both your wedding dinner and the pictures that are captured of this event are absolutely perfect as well.

Timing is everything. After all, you don’t want your provider to capture images of you, your wedding party, and your significant other after you’ve already had too much champagne and eaten to your fill.

Moreover, you certainly don’t want to take so much time staging your pictures that the meal becomes cold and congealed and your guests grow weary with hunger pangs. Fortunately, there are several strategies that you can use to make this an all-around seamless effort.

Get your caterers on board. Once you’ve loaded everyone into the reception area, you’ll probably find that all of your guests are ready to eat. After a long ceremony and with the rich aroma of warm food filling the air, people will hardly have much patience for pictures.

The best way to ensure that you have plenty of time to get the shots you want is by hiring caterers that can provide a number simple, yet enticing appetizers. Your guests can munch on these while you and your photography studio work everything out.

This is indeed a good time to serve champagne, crudities, and other finger foods. You can even ask your caterers to offer table service for these items so that there aren’t a lot of people milling about.

Another important thing for your wedding catering service to do is to have a fail-proof strategy for keeping the main course warm, and without drying it out. Keep in mind that it will take time to get everyone seated and organized.

With proper planning, you can certainly limit the amount of time that this takes, but you still want to have ample opportunity to make sure that everyone is settled and accounted for before your photographer starts snapping shots.

Take a tour of the reception hall with your photographer in advance of your event. The absolute best way to ensure gorgeous wedding photography is to have an advance plan on how your pictures will be staged.

When staging photos in an actual photography studio, professional photographers already know the layout of the land. This means that they are adept in using the available lighting and understand how to use the interior decor to frame their subjects perfectly.

Given that your reception hall will likely be an unfamiliar environment, it’s a good idea to take a tour of this venue together, several days or week before your wedding. This will limit the amount of time that it takes to plan each shot, while ensuring truly stunning results.