Your Stunning Wedding Photographs Sing A Romantic Poem

A wedding is an important and precious day in a couple’s life. As a photographer, it is your responsibility to create great memories and best moments for the couple. Wedding photography is challenging at times and hence as a photographer errors should be avoided as possible.

Here are the best tips for capturing stunning photos in a wedding. Assist the pro; this means that as a photographer it is important to be aware of what to do and what not to do before shooting of photos begin.

Fix your camera; this entails gadgets’ check to ensure that before the actual shooting of photos, they are working effectively. A photographer is encouraged to have an extra lens, camera, and lights which enables him/her to be ready for the unexpected outcomes or circumstances.

Carry enough Accessories; giving reasons for any inconvenience caused or failures is unacceptable in a wedding photography. Therefore, a photographer should have extra memory cards and batteries which enhances backup of photos to avoid data loss. The accessories should be obtained from a photography studio.

Do not go alone or solo; in a wedding photography, it is not possible to carry the necessary accessories alone and hence the need for a helping hand. A partner also helps in light management, capturing test shots as well as capturing missed scenes.

Pre-plan the shoot; as a photographer, it is important to capture extra photos of groom and bride on various locations that are attractive. Capture the firsts; despite every photo being a memory for the couple, ask them about the special moments they would love captured.

These moments include; first dance, first kiss and look for a smile among others. Much attention should be focused on the moments. Additionally, photos should be captured from different angles.

The photographer should also ensure that the camera is set on “high shutter speed” which ensures multiple photos are taken so as to have numerous photos to choose from.

Capture the reactions; relatives, family and friends expressions need to be captured since other people could be enjoying these moments with the couple for the first time. Identify the guests; guests could be colleagues, friends, relatives, and neighbors.

As a wedding photographer, it’s necessary to consult the couple so as to identify the VIPs and include them in the portraits. Group shots; everyone would love a photo with the couple. Therefore, wedding photography requires group shots. Otherwise, important shots may lack enough time to capture.

Capturing Lovely And Unique Photographs Of Your Engagement Proposal

The moment you make an engagement proposal is equally important because it kick-starts the wedding process. It is no longer enough to display a photo of the engagement ring since the trend shifted to capturing the moment when the engagement proposal is made.

Capture this important step of your lives by adopting any of the following techniques.

Hire the services of a friend. It is true that your friend is not a professional photographer but he offers the advantage of not giving away what you want to do.

Planning with your friend to capture photographs of the moment you propose to be engaged to your partner is better if he is someone your partner trusts. A stranger hovering around with a camera while you are with your partner may seem weird.

Hire a professional photographer. This does not mean that you have to visit a photography studio. Professional photographers who are into wedding photography have been in the game for quite some time and are able to capture high-quality photographs.

Once you engage the services of one, predetermine the spot where you will make your engagement proposal so the photographer can choose a distant location to capture photographs of the beautiful moment without being noticed. This may cost you some money but you are guaranteed of picture quality.

Use a ring cam. After picking one out of many engagement rings available at a jewelry store, you can choose to get photographs of your engagement proposal by using this simple technique.

This simple method easily captures the reaction of your partner as you open the box with an engagement ring in it. Once you position yourself well, the ring camera is capable of capturing your special moment from a very close perspective.

Do it at your favorite spot. If there are places where you usually visit together and possibly take photographs, visit one of such places and make your engagement proposal.

Being a place your partner is used to, she will feel relaxed having a photographer around until you surprise her by getting down on your knees and propose with an engagement ring.

Ask a random person. This is another way to surprise your partner and capture amazing engagement proposal photographs.

Your partner will not see it coming as well as the random person you choose to capture the moment. Try to size up the person you choose in order to get the perfect picture.

Your aim is to capture photographs of your partner’s reaction as you propose and with the helpful hints offered above, it is quite possible.


Unique Photographs At The Wedding Venue Of Your Choice

Wedding photography entails capturing unique photographs of your big day’s wonderful moments at the wedding venue of your choice. A lot has changed since pictures were only taken at a photography studio.

While unique wedding photos can be taken at every possible location, knowing how to choose the right venue is equally necessary.

Here are some tips to consider, which will help you to make the right choice.

Engage a wedding planner. It is important to hire the services of a wedding planner from the word go in order to gain from their vast experience.

With the help of a planner, it becomes easier to choose a wedding venue suitable for taking unique photographs. Planners are quite creative when it comes to optimizing the space and layout of a wedding venue.

Have a vision of what you want. Do not just settle for the first wedding hall you find available. Considering that you intend to take unique photographs, ensure that the venue of your wedding matches what you want in terms of aesthetics.

Your vision will determine what is best for you from an endless list of options such as a park, an art gallery, a well-designed restaurant, and so on.

Have a budget. This may seem pretty obvious but its importance cannot be overstated. As you make provision for a wedding venue, the same should apply to how much you intend to spend on unique photographs.

Hiring a professional photographer, as an instance, and discussing things in detail is quite preferable to working with the national averages you find on the Internet. Besides, it will help to keep your cost in check.

Retain your personality. It is quite easy to look at wedding photographs online and fall in love with the style. While no one is kicking against your wanting to go with the trend, staying through to yourselves is a sure way of capturing unique photographs at your wedding venue.

That beautiful wedding photo you saw in a magazine does not guarantee yours will look that way if the venue does not match your theme.

Know your guest list. This has to be taken into consideration as well because you need to make your guests comfortable. If a venue is too small for the number of guests you wish to invite, it definitely will not afford you the luxury to take unique photographs too.

Avoid the common error made by most couples in underestimating the number of guests who grace their weddings.

Once you make the right choice in terms of a wedding venue, it follows that the theme will enhance the uniqueness of the photographs you take.


5 Questions to Ask Before a Bridal Jewelry Photography Session

Your wedding photographer will determine how your special day’s memory will be kept. Will you be seeing special moments like the excitement on your face after the groom’s kiss or boring moments like the congregation in a normal setting?

Usually without asking the right questions, you will end up with a bad photographer and you can guess what happens next. Here are some questions you should attentively ask a wedding photographer before hiring them:

1. Why should I pick you?

Be sure to clearly interview your prospective photographer and express what you really want to them. There will usually be hundreds of photographers in your area’s listing so making a decision can be a tough.

A good idea will be to narrow down your options based on your personal specifications, like price, wedding theme, etc. Also, ask for recommendations and go through portfolios to educate you and guide your decision.

2. How many photos will I get?

Most photographers will deliver an average of 50 to 100 pictures per hour depending on your contract. The quantity of photos you receive really matters since the more your pictures, the more unique moments you can capture. Also the service cost will definitely increase relatively as the photographer spends more time and takes more pictures.

3. How much will I spend?

A mistake a lot of brides make is thinking bridal jewelry photography is as easy as it sounds or looks. Most professional photographers utilize gear worth as much as $10,000 to perform a wedding shoot and spend as much as 60 hours a week editing them.

Now factor in taxes, repair, albums, transportation and you’ll see why their services are so expensive. Either way, determine how much you’re willing to spend and surround your search with this amount.

4. Will you be able to handle my wedding’s theme?

Wedding photos from a church wedding and a beach wedding will have very different concepts. A diamond engagement ring photo shoot will even be much different. Be sure you let the photographer what type of wedding you will be having and the type of moments you want to capture.

Try to ask for work samples of wedding photos with a similar theme as yours, if they fit with what you want, commend them, if not let them know as well.

5. What are your suggestions?

Photographers have most likely experienced many wedding ceremonies; they might have something to contribute to the success of your own. What do you know? They can even help with dress codes, congregation arrangement, etc. However, you know their suggestion does not have to be your decision – just a consideration.