Lovely Photographs Capturing Your Crawfish Dinner

Crawfish catering gives wedding receptions a decidedly relaxed and Southern feel. You might not think that wedding photography and crawfish boils mix well, but this is actually the perfect opportunity for taking bright, vibrant and colorful pictures that truly capture the joy and excitement of this important event.

Following are several ways to arrange for the perfect shots by coordinating with your catering service and your photographer to bring everything together perfectly.

Presentation is key when choosing a cajun food restaurant. As you shop the different options in crawfish catering, make sure to consider the quality of overall food presentation as much as you consider factors like pricing, selection and flavors.

Crawfish catering services can literally pop with color. In addition to the deep, orange-red hue of the main course, you’ll have the bright yellow of steamed corn and the earthy browns of new-boiled potatoes.

The typical Cajun food restaurant incorporates a number of flavorful spices and vegetables into its dishes as well and thus, expect to see red, yellow and green peppers, highlights of paprika, and gorgeous, green garnishes. With all of this set against a backdrop of crisp, white linen, you’re guaranteed to get a number of lively shots.

Get your catering service on board. All of the information that your wedding photographer has about your plans for your reception photos should be shared with your catering service as well.

Your crawfish catering company will be primarily focused on serving up plenty of hot, good food. If one of your top priorities before dining is to stage excellent pictures, then you need to map out the game plan for everyone.

Your caterers may even be able to assist in the staging process by ensuring that all of your tables have a uniform look and that all of the colors and textures are set up according to the wants and needs of your photographer. Ultimately, keeping everyone in the loop is a vital part of ensuring that things go smoothly.

Relax and have fun. Companies that specialize in wedding photography tend to have a good, general understanding of what their clients want from reception photos.

They know that you don’t want to be captured in images with juice dribbling down your chin or photographed long after the champagne has started to flow. After you’ve listed out your basic instructions to both your photographer and catering service, try to relax and have fun.

A crawfish boil is known for being a joyful and relaxed affair and these are the very emotions that you want photos to embody. The only way to do this is by trusting your photographer to be able to move through the crowd and capture the moments that convey the true spirit of this important celebration.