Capturing Lovely And Unique Photographs Of Your Engagement Proposal

The moment you make an engagement proposal is equally important because it kick-starts the wedding process. It is no longer enough to display a photo of the engagement ring since the trend shifted to capturing the moment when the engagement proposal is made.

Capture this important step of your lives by adopting any of the following techniques.

Hire the services of a friend. It is true that your friend is not a professional photographer but he offers the advantage of not giving away what you want to do.

Planning with your friend to capture photographs of the moment you propose to be engaged to your partner is better if he is someone your partner trusts. A stranger hovering around with a camera while you are with your partner may seem weird.

Hire a professional photographer. This does not mean that you have to visit a photography studio. Professional photographers who are into wedding photography have been in the game for quite some time and are able to capture high-quality photographs.

Once you engage the services of one, predetermine the spot where you will make your engagement proposal so the photographer can choose a distant location to capture photographs of the beautiful moment without being noticed. This may cost you some money but you are guaranteed of picture quality.

Use a ring cam. After picking one out of many engagement rings available at a jewelry store, you can choose to get photographs of your engagement proposal by using this simple technique.

This simple method easily captures the reaction of your partner as you open the box with an engagement ring in it. Once you position yourself well, the ring camera is capable of capturing your special moment from a very close perspective.

Do it at your favorite spot. If there are places where you usually visit together and possibly take photographs, visit one of such places and make your engagement proposal.

Being a place your partner is used to, she will feel relaxed having a photographer around until you surprise her by getting down on your knees and propose with an engagement ring.

Ask a random person. This is another way to surprise your partner and capture amazing engagement proposal photographs.

Your partner will not see it coming as well as the random person you choose to capture the moment. Try to size up the person you choose in order to get the perfect picture.

Your aim is to capture photographs of your partner’s reaction as you propose and with the helpful hints offered above, it is quite possible.