5 Questions to Ask Before a Bridal Jewelry Photography Session

Your wedding photographer will determine how your special day’s memory will be kept. Will you be seeing special moments like the excitement on your face after the groom’s kiss or boring moments like the congregation in a normal setting?

Usually without asking the right questions, you will end up with a bad photographer and you can guess what happens next. Here are some questions you should attentively ask a wedding photographer before hiring them:

1. Why should I pick you?

Be sure to clearly interview your prospective photographer and express what you really want to them. There will usually be hundreds of photographers in your area’s listing so making a decision can be a tough.

A good idea will be to narrow down your options based on your personal specifications, like price, wedding theme, etc. Also, ask for recommendations and go through portfolios to educate you and guide your decision.

2. How many photos will I get?

Most photographers will deliver an average of 50 to 100 pictures per hour depending on your contract. The quantity of photos you receive really matters since the more your pictures, the more unique moments you can capture. Also the service cost will definitely increase relatively as the photographer spends more time and takes more pictures.

3. How much will I spend?

A mistake a lot of brides make is thinking bridal jewelry photography is as easy as it sounds or looks. Most professional photographers utilize gear worth as much as $10,000 to perform a wedding shoot and spend as much as 60 hours a week editing them.

Now factor in taxes, repair, albums, transportation and you’ll see why their services are so expensive. Either way, determine how much you’re willing to spend and surround your search with this amount.

4. Will you be able to handle my wedding’s theme?

Wedding photos from a church wedding and a beach wedding will have very different concepts. A diamond engagement ring photo shoot will even be much different. Be sure you let the photographer what type of wedding you will be having and the type of moments you want to capture.

Try to ask for work samples of wedding photos with a similar theme as yours, if they fit with what you want, commend them, if not let them know as well.

5. What are your suggestions?

Photographers have most likely experienced many wedding ceremonies; they might have something to contribute to the success of your own. What do you know? They can even help with dress codes, congregation arrangement, etc. However, you know their suggestion does not have to be your decision – just a consideration.